Annandale | The Most Vibrant Scenic Location In Shimla

by Miss Nauti Tales
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Shimla is one destination whose memories will stay with me for a long long time. I pretty much say that about every destination I visit, but some places just tick, you know…

As any other tourist out there, I had also done a last-minute itinerary with the places I wanted to check out in Shimla. Annandale was somewhere on the list not really on top of my mind. It’s only after I started the famous Annandale walk that I realized the massiveness of the beauty unfolding in front of us.

If you are a nature lover, Annandale is a paradise for you. Tall deodar trees touching the sky, the walk downhill is so serene, it takes away all the negativity from the body instantly. You find yourself immersed in natures lap demanding all your attention to the scene all around. It’s a feeling that is indescribable.

From our Shimla British Resort, it took us roughly 20 mins to complete the Annandale walk and reach the Army Heritage Museum. If there ever was an award for the best museum location, this would be it.

It was the perfect winter morning. I say winter because there was a slight chill in the air, giving slight feels of what winter might be in Shimla. Wearing a comfortable woolen outfit, I was in my warm fuzzy best. With 24 teeth smile all throughout the way, we walked straight into the museum compound.

The Army Heritage Museum has various collectibles dating back to the British era. Personally, my favorite was browsing through how uniforms of defense personnel evolved through the years. The place instigates pride for the country and a feeling of gratefulness for all the sacrifice done by the jawans over the years.


What is Annandale famous for?


There is a famous playground just behind the Army Heritage Museum. It’s called Annandale ground which was used by Britishers for various sports like racing, cricket, polo etc. Now, the Indian Army uses the ground for parades, military related activities and even as a heliport.


How did the name Annandale come about?


One of the first explorers Captain Charles Patt Kenedy discovered this place. He was struck by the beauty of this place. He then named the valley after his childhood sweetheart ‘Anna’ and combined it with ‘dale’ which meant valley. This name has appeared in the early books of Shimla dating back to 1830s.


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